I [dɪ'zaɪə] n
желание, мечта, стремление

He has all the desire in the world to help. — Он от всей души хочет помочь.

A sudden (feverish, secret, passionate) desire got hold/took possession of him. — Им овладело неожиданное (лихорадочное, тайное, страстное) желание.

It is one of his inmost/deep-rooted/natural/long-cherished desires. — Это одно из его сокровенных желаний.

- strong desire
- vague desire
- irresistible desire
- earnest desire
- smb's only desire
- smb's heart's desire
- one's own desires
- against smb's desire
- desires of all people
- desire of recognition
- desire for fame
- desire for the praise of others
- eager desire for knowledge
- desire after riches
- desire to know
- desire for travelling
- desire of helping people
- without any desire
- at the desire of the majority
- in accordance with smb's desire
- by their hasty desire
- from a desire to please
- have a desire to do smth
- satisfy all his desires
- feel a violent desire
- feel little no desire for power
- have not the slightest desire to go on holiday
- nurse an evil desire
- have but one desire
- be the victim of one's desires
- get one's desire
- carry out one's desire
- humour smb's desire
- resist one's desires
- cross smb's desires
- awaken desire to do smth
- express a desire to cooperate
- cherish a desire to see the world
- restrain desires
- be burning with desire
- smb's desires are easily satisfied
See attempt, n
II [dɪ'zaɪə] v
желать, мечтать, очень хотеть

She desires to remain neutral in the dispute. — Она очень не хочет принимать чью-л. сторону в споре

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